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A Happy and Green Passover from Eco-Libris!

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Today is the time for the Passover Seder, which is a Jewish ritual held on the first night (and in some places also in the second night) of Passover, which is one of my favorite Jewish holidays.

The Seder is a family gathering, sitting together around the table, reading the Haggadah (he story of the Israelite exodus from Egypt), singing the holiday songs and eating the holiday’s traditional food. President Obama will host a Seder at the White House for the fourth time (see photo below from the 2010 Seder at the White House and you can also check the White House Chefs’ collection of recipes for Passover) and said he is looking forward to “a good bowl of matzo ball soup”.

So how do you green your Seder? Yahoo! The Healthy Voyager had some great tips on BlogHer. Joe Laur had also some good recommendations on Greenopolis, Ann Bell Muzaurieta adds on the Daily Green tips and recipes to keep your Passover healthy and sustainable, and finally the Huddler’s Green Home Community brings you on Yahoo! Green 10 good tips on how to have an eco-friendly and organic Seder.

I haven’t found yet an Haggadah from recycled paper, but still there are other many steps you can take to make sure you celebrate the Passover in an eco-friendly style.

Enjoy your Seder and Happy Passover from all of us at Eco-Libris!

Raz @ Eco-Libris

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